Diego Nacho


Diego Lozano

Designer . Photographer . Nerf Herder

I'm Diego Lozano.

No I don't make nachos! Why Diego Nacho? Well, my full name is Diego Ignacio Lomas Lozano…. "Nacho" is a common nickname for Ignacio, so that's where Diego Nacho is based on. 

Anyways....born, raised, and residing in Phoenix, Arizona. Son of Mexican parents. Arizona State University graduate (2014), where I majored in design arts, marketing, and business. In 2011, I became involved in the immigrants rights movement with the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, where I put my graphic design skills to amplify the stories and struggles of the movement and worked on many campaigns. In 2016, I joined the communications team at Bazta Arpaio, a political campaign where we successfully voted out the infamous former sheriff Joe Arpaio. In 2017 I became the Creative Director at Aliento, a immigrant youth-led organization that specializes in community healing through arts and organizing.

Photography became a major interest during my involvement with the immigrant rights movement in 2012, they just handed me a camera and told me to take good pictures. You can find me at protests running all over the place, documenting every second of it. My work has been used in many news outlets including Fusion, Advocate, UU World, and even the far-right Breitbart!

I enjoy gaming, Star Wars, tacos, burgers, donuts, and working out because of the things previously mentioned.