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These past two weeks have been a roller coaster ride. As you know, a small group of us took two caravans from Arizona to DC. Our goal is to talk with members of congress across the aisle and urge them to pass a solution for undocumented youth. 

Firstly I got hella sick during the 48 hour drive to DC, I’ve never been so congested in my life, my voice was so deep. I had a mega sore throat, I could barely walk or talk without feeling pain. Our housing wasn’t as ideal as we had hoped, we had to constantly move around locations. Not only that, it’s fucking cold. With all these set backs, the team was very flexible and made it work.

You’d think I’d call it quits, but how could I? We had people coming from Arizona, Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, and many other states. Half of them were teenagers and have never been involved with the movement before! During our meetings with congressmen, they lead the conversations. They ran up to members of congress as they were walking from or to the Capitol. Sometimes they would accidentally run up to random old men that looked like a congressmen, but they didn’t cared. The team did this every single day, in two weeks we talked with 300 members of congress.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, the situation is not looking so bright. It feels like everything and everyone from both sides are against us, but group stayed together and pushed through all these challenges. They all seriously inspire me in so many ways, and no matter what happens, we still have each other.

Big shout out to the organizing team for holding it together. Máxima, Jose, Francisco, and Javier. Extra big shout out to Reyna. I have no idea how she can do it. She is the best organizer/activist I’ve ever met and an amazing friend. If you only knew how much she is sacrificing to do this for us. 

We were hoping to get a vote by Dec. 8 but the deadline was extended to Dec. 22nd. A small group of us decided to stay til then to continue the momentum that we have built. Thank you all who have donated to ensure we have housing and food while we are here. And thank you all who have joined us along the way. We have come so far, let’s make these next two weeks count.


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