Diego Nacho


Blanca + Laura

05-02-2019 Blanca y Laura Grad Portraits_4737.jpg

I don’t even know where to start with these two sisters.

I met both Blanca and Laura back in 2012 during my volunteering days at ADAC. After Obama announced DACA, we were offering services to help people fill out their initial DACA applications for free. During those times, there was a massive amount of people coming to these application drives, and we had very little resources. Regardless, we all still held the application drives as it was needed by community. Blanca and Laura both came to get help with their applications, but they also noticed the need for help and became volunteers themselves. They became one of the main volunteer leads through out the years, helping countless amount of people with their DACA applications and renewals!

Fast forward to now, I’ve seen them accomplish so much! Just being undocumented/DACAmented in Arizona is hard enough, especially with out of state tuition costs at Universities. But being undocumented, moms, and going to school….yeah that’s something else. Blanca is a single mother of two boys, graduated with a Master’s in Social Work! Laura is a mother of three. She was pregnant during her last semester at ASU, gave birth, and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education with a focus in Spanish!

The amount of milestones that they both achieved as women, mothers, sisters, and being undocumented.

So proud and inspired by both Blanca and Laura.