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Diego Nacho: Graphic Designer + Photographer. Based in Phoenix, Arizona

Morelos '18

After working non stop for more than a year, I was finally able to take some time off and visit my family in Morelos.

As soon as I arrived, my little cousins surrounded me, my aunt was making my favorite mole, Pinky (a dog) was whimping at me, uncle drunk in the corner, and I saw my grandma sitting down with her cat. I couldn't ask for a better welcome party.

Every morning I'd wake up to a fresh breeze, chickens clucking, dogs barking, my uncle revving up his motorcycle, and my cousins getting yelled at.

Then there was my little cousin, Emily. Cómo dice, es mi hermana por qué nacimos el mismo día. We were both born on Oct. 21, therefore she is my little sister (or triplet?) She is always the most, always asking me "abel primo, tómame una foto aqui". I have no idea who taught her how to model, but she is a born natural!

It's always great to see my mom and her mother together. My mom always stresses out about her well being when she is back home, I'm so relieved to see them talking about things and catching up. 

I didn't realized how much I missed this place...

Siempre volveré

Photo by my cousin, Dario.

Photo by my cousin, Dario.



It is such a privilege to be travel and visit your family. Every night I wished my undocumented friends could finally travel and visit their own families.

I hope one they could.