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Vote4Dream Part 2

So tonight on the Senate floor, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that there was no urgency to the current #DACA situation and that everyone can wait til March 5th. Has he been living under a rock!?

There has been a constant presence in D.C. from undocumented youth and supporters for the past 2 months. The longer we wait, more will face threats of deportation. And even if something passes, implementation takes around 6 months. That’s way past the March 5th deadline, and DACAs will start expiring. What’s stopping ICE from deporting #Dreamers within those months? (Mad props to Sen. Durbin for consistently fighting for Dreamers)

Our group came back in the beginning of the month. Things are way crazier than they were in December, especially with Trump’s mood swings. Things literally change by the hour, but we are hanging on! I’m so proud of all the work the team has accomplished within so little time. From contacting with 68 senators, to speaking with frickin Ivanka Trump!

There is a vote tomorrow….we will see if Congress decides to extend the deadline (for the 4th fucking time) or shutdown the government……

Update: Government did shutdown Friday and was "closed" for the weekend, but was opened up Monday with no solution for Dreamers. Democrats lost their leverage.

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