Diego Nacho
Montoya Contruction logo Diego nacho-01.png

Montoya Construction

Logo Creation + Identity + Stationary

Montoya Constructions is a construction company based out of Mesa, Arizona, owned by Mario Montoya. 

I was tasked on recreating the branding of Montoya Constructions with something more modern.  Construction logos tend to be bold and heavy, signifying sturdiness and and durability. I didn't want to be too heavy on it but I did want it too look sturdy. 

The house roofs were made to shape and M for Montoya and also look a tiny bit like mountains because Montoya sounds very similar to montaña, which is mountain in Spanish. I also messed with the T to make it look like a hammer, just a small touch.

Montoya Contruction logo Diego nacho-01.png
monotya 2 diego nacho-01.png
montoya business cards-01.png