Diego Nacho
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Mexico - December 2016

Happy New Years!

2016 was full of ups and downs. I got a new camera, Arpaio got kicked out of office, Donald Trump won, Kanye West broke my heart, traveled to Puerto Rico, Rogue One was amazing, Carrie Fischer passed away, the list goes on and on! I also went to Mexico to visit the fam during the summer, it has been a good 6 years since I've gone and everyone was so grown! Before the year ended, my mom wanted to spend her Christmas/Birthday with her mother in Morelos and wanted me to go. I could not say no.

This was my first time being there during this time of year, and it was interesting how "un- Christmasy" it was. I'm so used to holiday season rush in the US, in Mexico its really just any other day. I wasn't complaining, I usually stress a lot during this season, this time I was so relaxed to be with all my cousins. I also met up with some peeps from Arizona and it was just great hanging with them. 

This time I only stayed in Morelos, had a ton of delicious food! I hope you enjoy all the pictures!

- Diego "Nacho" Lozano

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