Diego Nacho


Logo Creation + Identity + Web Design + Photography + Creative Content

Aliento is an arts based organization located . Their mission is to create community healing through art and humanizing undocumented immigrants who have been criminalized by the harsh and unjust treatment of detention.

I designed the logo and branding for Aliento, as well as business cards and website

I'm currently the Creative Director with Aliento. I'm in charge of all the creative content such as flyers and posts, and documentation of events. I also handle all social media accounts, email blasts, text alerts, and maintain the website.

You can check Aliento at: www.alientoaz.org

Aliento Logo Long-01.png
Aliento Stationary Package-01.png
Aliento Stationary Package-01.png
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Growing Up - Aliento Workshop_4923.jpg
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